Julia Oddo - Founder, Lead Designer

Born in Russia, Julia was raised in an artistic environment. As a young girl she traveled with her family to many countries, exposing herself to other cultures and traditions. Her interest in design grew from these experiences, as she immersed herself in the architecture, clothing, and lifestyles of these diverse environments. Julia fell in love with the diversity of world cultures, and was inspired by people’s limitless expression of creativity.

After graduating Russia's Tatar State University where she studied English and German, with a strong focus on psychology, Julia was drawn back to her love of culture and design. Wanting to further her education, Julia moved to the United States and received her degree in Interior Design from New York City's Fashion Institute of Technology. She has worked as a decorative painter and artist, refining her understanding of color, and honing her attention to detail. As a professional, she has co-founded M&P Design Group and worked on a project for the hit show on HGTV, Property Brothers. Julia has spread her wings even further by founding her own interior design business, TC Interiors.

Julia creates contemporary, yet timeless spaces by utilizing different stylistic elements within her designs. Believing that the early stages of design are just as important as the last, Julia ensures each project's end result is a representation of who her client is.